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5 Ideas For An Amazing Kids Party

Planning a party for kids can be challenging. You have to consider their age and

liking and then choosing activities that can keep them engaged. However, you will

be glad to know that many good options are readily available in the event

management industry. Today, we talk about five things that you can include in

your kids party to make it the best event ever. Read on to know more!

1. Clown or circus performers

Hiring a clown or juggler, or unicyclist can bring lots of laughs to your party. They are loved by people of all ages. Some can adjust to the theme of your kid's party. They will make your party memorable.

2. Magician

Every kid loves watching magic tricks. They are amazed by the sheer brilliance

of the magicians whose simple tricks make them go mad. Whether it is a trick

that predicts the exact card kids at your party have in their pocket or something

that the magician mysteriously disappears within seconds. We have magicians who are experts at performing their tricks exclusively designed for the kids party and others who perform for adults. Some have live animals in their shows. We feature Safari Bingo's Animal Magic Show which no one else is doing in the world! She has racing hamsters in cars, a dancing dog and an African hedgehog, and comedy with balloons.

3. Face Painters and glitter tattoo artists

Do you have any favorite cartoon characters? How do you see the idea of painting your face like one of them? With our professional face painters, you get the opportunity of doing this with acute precision. Our artists use the best quality face paints and products that are absolutely safe for everyone. On hot days, you may prefer glitter tattoos which may stay on for a week or more!

Our glitter tattoos are safe and made using the best quality materials. They are waterproof and long-lasting. The best thing about them is that children get many choices of designs.

4. Giant Bubbles

Whether it is a birthday party or festival or any other celebration that you are having, giant bubbles are one thing that can add to the fun. Our Bubbleologist was involved in breaking the World Record in a castle in Wales for a bubble Tsunami where three hundred and fifty adults and children participated. So, what is stopping you from having fun by having a bubble show or hiring a Bubbleologist to wow your guests with giant bubbles, bubble foam fun, placing them inside a bubble, and showing how to blow bubbles inside bubbles.?

5. Princesses, SuperHeroes, and Holiday characters

We have a wide variety of talented characters for all occasions.

Just call and let us know your theme, and we can suggest what characters are best. Our Santas have real beards and are fabulous with children and even pets.

Hire Affordable Artists With Newventur Entertainment, LLC!

If you find these birthday party ideas amazing, what are you waiting for? You need to contact us to find

the most amazing deals at affordable prices. All our professionals are skilled at

the work they do. We strive to bring a smile to all your guest's faces. Apart from

the activities mentioned above, we also have many more types of entertainers so check the website

For adults, check out our website on how to improve your mental health and lower stress


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