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Face Painting





Our face painters come with years of experience


Normally 10-15 Faces can be done in an hour depending on details of design.  For the highest quality Adult paintings plan for 4-6 faces per hour. 

For larger events, designs are modified to help accommodate the crowd and move the lines faster. Plan for 15 to 20 faces per hour for these type of events. These designs may look time consuming but go quickly. Don't expect small designs to move the line faster, many times these designs have a lot more details and usually take just as long or longer than larger designs.

Please do not call if you do not care about the quality of the work or supplies used.  Our artist are masters of their craft and are used to being appreciated.  The paints used are  the Highest quality Professional face painting products on the market. All paints are FDA compliant and are specifically made for painting on the skin. These paints are water based for easy removal. Just wash off with a wet wipe,  mild soap and water or baby shampoo. 

If you are interested in having a top notch event with designs everyone will love and rave about, there is a one hour minimum for face painting for up to 15 children. If there are less than 10 children balloon twisting or glitter tattoos can be added. If you know that the adults will want to be painted too, please allow extra time for them. Adults have more face, more facial hair to cover, more wrinkles, and pores ;o)

Each artist has their own specialties. Some like birthday parties others festivals. some like pretty and dainty and others mean and scary. Some prefer boys others girls and so on. Let us know the kind of designs your looking for and we will get the best one available to accommodate you. 

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