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   33 Clowns
  at Hirshhorn      Gala  5/12/18

Review from NY artist Jennifer Rubell who hired Newventur to find 33 clowns for the 5/12/18 SPRING GALA for donors to the Hirshhorn Art Museum in SW DC. 

I am writing to thank you for your whole-hearted and beautiful performances at the Hirshhorn. You were incredible, individually and as a group, and I feel so lucky to have worked with you. I was touched by how much care your bring to your profession, how much pleasure you clearly get from the pleasure of others, and by how inventive each of you was in your interaction with the public. Every aspect of the clowns you are is a celebration of creativity and humanity. You are amazing, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with all of you in the future.

   I've received so many emails from the people who attended the performance, and the most common comment is that they have NEVER had so much fun in a museum in their lives.

    All of you participated in making a museum a place of joy, wonder and happiness, everything I've been trying to do my entire career.


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