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"Safari Bingo's Amazing Comedy Animal Magic Show"

" In today's society, price rather than value and quality drives the decision making for most people.  I must admit that I, too, often fall into that trap.  When my wife and I first discussed having you for my son's 6th birthday party, I was reluctant because your price was more than we had planned on spending.  Then, I saw your show! No one does animal acts any more, which makes your show unique.  In addition, the pure entertainment value was there from start to finish.  There can be no greater praise than when a show geared for 5, 6, and 7 year olds is enjoyed by a 9 year old and a teenager - - - as well as the adults!  The hedgehog was a real hit! Then, too, the educational themes and motivation came through loud and clear.  "Abracadabra, I love school!"  What a great magic word for young children today.  It is clear that you are a terrific educator and have built learning into your program in a fun way through both the magic and your animals. 

Did we get our money's worth?  You bet and much more!" Client: Jack Maples


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Myriad of Mutts
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