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LOLLI-PUP the Morki  (Maltese-Yorki)

Lolli groomed 2016_edited.jpg

Lolli Pup performs with Safari Bingo in her live animal magic show. See her baby photo as a Ballerina! Lolli Pup is in the bed with her sister Molly. Notice her ears in her current photo- one ear up like her Yorkie Daddy & one ear down like her Maltese Mommy!

Do you dress up on Halloween? Lolli has many costumes. Can you find the photo of her giving kisses, giving Hi 5's and dancing? Can you find the photo of her playing with the Hedgehog?

Lolli Unicorn.jpg
Lolli dancing at Stoddart (2019_08_03 20_24_39 UTC).JPG
Lolli Pup the witch_edited.jpg
Lolli pup with toy.JPG
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