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The show ​from Newventur Entertainment ​was awesome! Dustin did  great work! Three weeks after the party the kids ​are ​still remembering it and talking about it!

He did not only show the animals, he made it an educational and entertaining show. I strongly recommend his Premium show!

​Moien  Odeh​


Reptile Shows

Our shows are a fun & educational experience designed to educate and encourage people about nature and wildlife.

Audience will get a chance to see, pet, hold and learn about a very wide range of reptiles of various sizes. Most of the Animals in the show are ‘rescues’ that were neglected, abused or outgrew their welcome. Reptiles are not domestic animals and to keep them in a domestic environment takes a lot of time/work and resources to allow them to live out a comfortable and healthy life.

For people that are interested in taking in a reptile as a pet the show provides information about different species and their needs, also which are best suited as pets.

Basic Reptile Presentation

  • Representatives of three groups of reptiles.

  • Turtles, lizards and snakes (doesn’t include crocodilians)

  • Fun and educational, show and tell experience

  • Run-time about 30 minutes

  • Audience participation welcomed but limited

  • 15 minutes of Q & A, and photo opportunities

Ball Python, Bahama Curly-tailed Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Chinese Water Dragon, Dumeril's Boa, Eastern Painted Turtle, Jungle Carpet Python, Veiled Chameleon, Savannah Monitor, Tokay Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Red-eared Slider


Premium Reptile Presentation        

  • Representatives of four of the groups of living reptiles

  • Does include Alligator (member of crocodilian family)

  • Includes more animals than basic

  • More fun and educational experience than basic

  • Audience participation is welcomed and encouraged

  • Runtime 30-45 minutes depending on audience

  • Allows time for pictures with animals for everyone

Ultimate Reptile Presentation (The Giants)

  • Representatives of four of the groups of living reptiles

  • Does include Alligator (member of crocodilian family)

  • Includes any of Adventure In Fun’s Reptiles that can be brought to you safely the day of your event

  • Large Tortoises and massive snakes

  • This does vary day to day based on feedings and sheadings

  • Audience participation is welcomed and highly encouraged

  • Runtime approximately 45-50 minutes

  • Allows time for pictures with animals for everyone.

For children under the age of five, a Reptile Show may not be the best choice for entertainment. It is crucial that the audience be able to understand and follow direction for the saftey and comfort of everyone involved.

Our shows are best suited for smaller groups (under 50) but still fun for larger groups. School presentations are more educational and informative but not as interactive as those with smaller audiences.

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