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Since 2007, theyhave brought over 2,000 dreams to life with unique performances by professional entertainers including opera singers and actresses!  


A Signature "Grand Entrance" performed by your trained & talented princess will SURPRISE & DELIGHT you & your guests!


They also offer upscale handmade princess party favors & decorations to suit all your party needs. 

"We expected a nice princess with a nice costume to arrive, but the unbelievable singing and acting show delivered by the princesses from Princess Parties Virginia wasabsolutely exceptional.  We were all completely BLOWN AWAY by the talent and awe of the Snow Queen & The Snow Princess' magical show.  This company cannot be matched.  I will be using them again, and telling all of my friends with little girls, about them.  What an amazing and magical event we had!  My daughter will remember these moments forever!  Thank you so much, Princess Parties Virginia!"  Jaclyn (McLean, VA)


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