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BB Puppets

BB Puppets have been a major children's theater company for the past Fifty years, offering the finest in children's education and entertainment and performing to over 300,000 children a year. They won the Governor's Award 2010.  

They have Professional Puppets for sale too!




  • Designed for youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7

  • Bring all the excitement and feats of skill and daring usually found only under the BIG TOP.

  • Variety Show format rather than a story show because youngsters of this age are so excited by simply attending a birthday party you can scrape them off the ceiling.

Not every situation is right for a story show. Sometimes the age-range of the audience is too wide, (with everyone from grandma and grampa to the eighteen-month old toddler) usually attending a company picnic, or a holiday performance of some sort, or a summer performanc in a park, etc. Or, the audience is all about the same age, say three, or four, but they are really too young to focus in on a story that has a great deal of dialogue, and a rather complicated plot to follow.

The answer to the problem is a variety performance performed with "trick" marionettes - puppets on strings that have been strung to perform specific "tricks" such as skating, performing on a trapeze, juggling, blowing up a balloon and the like. Each marionette performs an ACT, usually lasting between two and three minutes.

The younger audience members take the performing marionettes at face value, while the older children and adults are trying to figure out how Bob is getting his marionettes to do all these seemingly impossible feats. We offer nine different variety shows, plus four special seaonal variety performances. 


For over 50 years, BB Puppets have enriched the lives, the imaginations, and the potential creative abilities of hundreds of thousands of children. Each year, they play to 60 to 75 thousand youngsters, now performing for the children of those they played to 35 years ago. It is impossible to separate the work of these master puppeteers, as each serves a vital role in each other's creative process. Jusy concepts a new project, Mr. B, as the designer, turns the concept into a workable area. Mrs. B creates the scripts; Mr. Bcreates the puppets, sets and props.Mrs. B is the director; Mr. B is the performer. A perfect combination that has resulted in wonderful creations that bring together art, music and story-telling to the delight of children (and grown-ups) everywhere.

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