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Interactive magic and fun for kids and timely wit for the adults.
Top of the line performance !



Reading Specialist & Magician

HT is a reading specialist with a Masters degree in Education.  He is also a very capable magician who has entertained families for 30 years.

HT has appeared on NBC’s Today Show.  His antics have been mentioned on ABC News and he has been featured in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.   He has performed for royal families and has done five command performances at the White House.  HT has been honored to perform for children of America ’s leading journalists, government officials, and grandchildren of Presidents and Supreme Court Justices.  He has performed in Europe and Japan .

The best-selling children’s book Woodrow the White House Mouse features an “HT Party” at the White House.  HT's articles on party planning are published in parenting magazines.  Washington Families Magazine proclaimed HT the "Best Kid's Party Entertainer."


A native of St. Paul , Minnesota, he received a B.A. from the University of St. Thomas in Philosophy and did graduate study at Maryland .  He studied comedy and acting in New York City with Bob McAllister, host of the television programs Wonderama and Kid’s Are People Too. HT is the past president of the Washington ’s Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. The International Brotherhood of Magicians has inducted him into the prestigious “Order of Merlin.”   When Larry King asked him how he got into magic HT said "I got tricked into it".




Entertainment  for all ages.


 Birthday Party      The program runs about 45 minutes.  


 If you have not seen him perform here is a brief description of what he does.

The children are the stars of my shows and perform magic better than he does.

 For example, your child and HT might tear up a couple of paper napkins and

place the pieces in their hands.  When they wave their magic wands, HT's napkin

is still in pieces but the napkin in your child's hand is all back together restored.

Everyone claps for your child and they laugh at HT.

That's the way the show goes, the kids get all the applause and all the laughs are

on HT.  The children make the magic happen as things appear and disappear.

He has something for all ages.  Older children love his "Sword-through-the-neck illusion"

and your chi is not shy it is a great photo opportunity. Nathra can pick a buddy if she does

not want to do it.   Younger children prefer his puppet Quacky the Duck

Adults that are present will be as amused as the children.  There is plenty of real magic,

music, and good old-fashioned family fun.

He often brings prizes to birthday parties like giant money, top hats, magic wands, and

"HT eyeglasses  for all of the children.  The children look fabulous for a group photograph! 

Call now to book a great performer that entertains all attending, not just the children.


Corporate Picnics, Blue and Gold banquets, Festivals , Holiday Parties.

   Ht adjusts his show to your event. He often teams up with Bingo at events.


School assembly program will show students how to improve their grades

and do school work more efficiently.


HT tips the inside secrets on how to do schoolwork like magic.  Your school will be provided    

 pre-assembly and post-assembly lesson plans to introduce and reinforce reading and study skills.                              


  Recommendations for parents are also provided so everyone can help students master these important skills. 

This assembly will provide students the skills to do their schoolwork more efficiently using Pre-Reading,                                                 Key Word Emphasis, Variable Reading Rates, the SQ3R Method, and HT’s Test Taking Tips.                                                                       Examples of how these techniques can be applied to all subjects will be provided to faculty. 

Developmental reading and study skills are appropriate for Grades 4 through Middle School.              

 A proven performer delivers this educational program designed to insure the success of students. 

For grades: 4-8







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