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Testimonials about Newventur Agency

Review from NY artist Jennifer Rubell who hired Newventur to find                                                                                                         33 clowns for a GALA for donors to the Hirshhorn Art Museum in SW DC. 

I am writing to thank you for your whole-hearted and beautiful performances at the Hirshhorn. You were incredible, individually and as a group, and I feel so lucky to have worked with you. I was touched by how much care your bring to your profession, how much pleasure you clearly get from the pleasure of others, and by how inventive each of you was in your interaction with the public. Every aspect of the clowns you are is a celebration of creativity and humanity. You are amazing, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with all of you in the future.

   I've received so many emails from the people who attended the performance, and the most common comment is that they have NEVER had so much fun in a museum in their lives.

    All of you participated in making a museum a place of joy, wonder and happiness, everything I've been trying to do my entire career.


Newventur Entertainment has been providing excellent services to Birmingham Green Nursing Home since 2008.  They have provided us with nothing but the best quality of service for our residents that includes strolling minstrels for our bed ridden residents, guitar music, comedy vocalist, harp music, a witty magician, juggling unicyclist, face painting for our family day events, and the Safari Bingo live animal magic show with the dancing dog.  They also provided  giant bubble making techniques and balloon art for the residents.  We also have the Bunny Face character at our annual Easter Parade who is very energetic and very interactive with the residents.  We had the Swing Dancers in to help us celebrate National Nursing Home Week a few years ago.  We really enjoy their services and will continue to have them provide quality service to our residents.  They really worked hard with us to meet the needs of our residents as well as bring joy, laughter and happiness to the hearts of our residents and staff.  Newventur entertainment always worked with us to give us the best price that fits our budget and we will continue to work with them in years to come.                                                                           Geneva Bagmy, Birmingham Green Activiy Dir.

We have been using Carol and Newventur Entertainment for over 10 years, for many different events, from our Holiday parties with Mrs. Claus and Santa, Easter egg hunts with Bugsy the Rabbit and Safari and Bingo the clown at our summer picnics.

She provides photographers, character artists, balloon artists as well as face painters, strolling guitarists, juggling and comic players just to name a few.

Our events wouldn’t be complete without the many talents found at Newventur and Carol Collins.

Sincerely,   Christine Cozza     Airbus Americas

I cannot say enough about this terrific show! We had a BALL!! My girl and her friends blew giant bubbles, interacted with a darling little hedgehog, learned about the animals, ---marvelled at a precious dancing doggy, magic show, BALLOON SCULPTURE and so much more! WOW. STILL SMILINGI THERE were alot of dazzling moments - when the LOLLIPUP came out disguised as a baby lion the kids' eyes were like SAUCERS ...but just as many excellent TEACHING MOMENTS ! The most special thing about the show was BINGO herself. I've never seen a children's entertainer with such an easy way about her - BINGO was so just so natural and warm. Let me put it this way -- the adults were not cringing. BINGO treated her young audience of children with disabilities with terrific dignity and imparted knowledge of great value, very effectively. She showed and told to treat living creatures around us with respect and common sense and these lessons and the TONE of them will be remembered. I found out later that she has a background in teaching children I can tell she was a great teacher, the kind you always remember. Throughout every aspect of the show BINGO'S sheer genuine great joy was infectious! WE LAUGHED the whole way through! My daughter was SO PROUD when she played the balloon sculpture ukulele successfully and EVERYBODY CHEERED! SOME ENTERTAINERS are a disappointment for nonverbal special needs kids with limited mobility but BINGO THE CLOWN had everyone interacting, starring succeeding and feeling like stars! We are still on CLOUD 9! What else? THE DRAG RACING HAMSTERS DROVE US ALL WILD! Again, I especially appreciated how this great lady incorporated sensible lessons about the right way to interact with our animal friends with kindness and wisdom and a reverence for respect and safety ! I will be recommending this terrific program to my favorite preschool and try to book her for my daughter's birthday party too! The adults were all havng just as terrific a time as the kids, laughing, dancing..!..Whew!!! I have Never seen a party show that was such a hit with everybody present, from infants to age 80! WHAT A HIT!. I highly recommend SAFARI BINGO for all ages and events!   

                                                                                                                                                         Em Tyger


                  What People Say about Bingo the Clown
“Bingo’s program is energizing, entertaining, educational, and exciting - worth every penny” 

Sandy Hughes, Teacher, St. Jane de Chantel Elementary


“I thought I had had it with clowns but Bingo...was wonderful! She had appeal to both the adults and the children” Noyes Children’s Librarian

"I know that from time to time, there are events hosted by the City of Alexandria at the community center or fairs or whatever.   Just wanted to introduce you to Carol Collins who is quite the comedian so you can have her on your radar screen. She has several different acts and would be a marvelous entertainer in Alexandria for children and adults.  She is incredibly gifted.  I watched her perform for over 3 hours--flawlessly and hilariously at a talent show last month.  I am confident that she would add a lot of delight for all.   I urge you to consider her among the entertainment acts."              Najwa Margaret Saad  -Business Development & Marketing

 "Thank you so much for your funny entertainment. The children just love you!"                                                        Anne Swift  Director Minnieland at Technology # 10

 "Carol, thank you so much…I will  put them ( photos of Safari Bingo and the Special Olympians) on our website.  You are wonderful and an amazing woman."               Cheers, Sandy Chamberlin  -- Fauquier Special Olympics

     "We wanted to thank you for hosting such a fantastic show for Trisha's & Aryav's birthday party at the Reston Community Center on 30th November.We cannot begin to tell you how much fun the kids had at the party. Every single parent came to us to tell us that you were awesome. 

    You were different from the usual 'chain-store' entertainment shows in that you involved all the children in the activities and made them laugh. There were parents who said their children were always shy during parties and had never seen them participate in activities. But these same children enthusiastically raised their hands to get in the center of the parachute or the giant bubble. The whole event was a big hit! And HUGE THANKS to you.

     We have been getting calls to pass on your phone number. Expect a few calls for other get-togethers and parties! Once again, a heartfelt thanks to you for making Trisha's and Aryav's birthday party such a memorable one."     Madhura & Amit

 "A fun, engaging show that the whole family will love."

             Genelle Schuler-Youth Services Manager-Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch Alexandria Library

"Safari Bingo came to our preschool and kept the children entertained from the minute she began, until the hamster race finale.  Her performance was filled with jokes, music, information, magic tricks and much, much more.  One of our children does not speak much English. When Safari Bingo called him up for a bubble trick, she began to speak to him in Korean, so he could understand.  It was amazing to see her many talents.  This was a truly unique performance and any preschooler couldn't help but love the show.  Thank you again Safari Bingo."                                                         Georgetown Hill early School   Woodley Gardens campus   Rockville, MD

"Safari Bingo,

You did a party for my son in Upper Marlboro, MD on 10/29/11.  I just wanted to tell you again how much fun we all had..the adults as well as the children.  Your interaction with the kids was great..they couldn’t stop laughing.  I don’t know what we enjoyed more; the jokes, the games, the animals, the balloons or the magic tricks….AWESOME!!!!   Thank you for making my son’s 5th birthday party…FUN>>>FUN>>>FUN!!!!!!"

                                                                                                  Rhonda Mayo Lewis     PrimeLending A PlainsCapital Company

"Namaste Carol,

I would like to thank you  very much for entertaining the kids  and made my daughters birthday party a memorable event for those who attended  . They all have lots of fun with the animals , bubbles and the parachute game.

We enjoyed seeing the happiness in kids faces filled with excitement , enthusiasm and surprise.

Everyone was saying that clown was a regular entertainment which they see in many of the parties but Safari Bingo was entirely a new show which kids enjoyed a lot, especially kids love puppy's , bubbles and games. They really were thrilled to see those big bubbles and puppy show. I recommend you for all the kids parties.  Once again thankyou(Shukriya in Hindi)  for the excellent entertainment."   Kavitha.

 "Thank you so much for your funny entertainment. The children just love you!"                                                                        Anne Swift  Director Minnieland at Technology # 10

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