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PM -one


What's a one-man band? Well, while strumming guitar, PM's also playing harmonicas, kazoos and whistles. Then, with his feet he plays drums, cymbals, cow bell and other percussion instruments. And, on top of his own self-contained back-up band, he sings, whistles, yodels and scats. And he does all this at the same time, without any help from any electronic or computer-controlled instruments. Everything is completely acoustic. It takes a lot of coordination to sing and play all the band's instruments at the same time, but he loves it, and enjoys watching the reaction of the audience. The old-fashioned thrill of a real one-man band keeps kids and adults engaged, because it's fun to watch as well as listen to.

While PM got his start as a children's performer, and still plays most often for children (ages 2 to 12), he's also a big hit with adults, especially senior citizens. He loves to play many different styles of music, so whether it's a childcare center show, or a holiday bash at a nursing home, PM has songs for any group and any occasion. Some of the places you'll find PM performing include:

 Schools and preschools
* Public libraries
* Parks and Rec events
* Fairs and festivals ( PM can be a STROLLING ONE MAN BAND TOO!)
* Childcare centers
* Places of worship
* Shopping malls
* Senior centers and nursing homes
* Company parties and picnics
* Private events for kids and adults

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