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The NW Show entertains and educates!

N & W believe in the potential of every child, and the worth of every family, and they reinforce their message with positive themes such as tolerance and sharing, as well as the joy of reading!

      Ask about Workshops in juggling and circus skills for enthusiasts of all ages.


1) N  the Jester presents a hysterical and very educational solo (one person) show for day care centers, as well as schools, libraries, private parties, festivals, special events and much more!

This show is great for the very young as well as school age children. Adults love it too! The show is 45 minutes long, and combines amazing juggling with storytelling, poetry, comedy, music, character acting and audience participation.

The original stories, poems and songs in the solo show feature themes of literacy and tolerance, with children joining in the merry love of reading and words, and the joys of kindness and generosity of spirit.

May be customized to adult anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events etc.

2) The NW Duo features a two person (duo)show which includes N the Jester and the amazing Queen W! This Renaissance-Style extravaganza includes juggling, comedy, musical saw and accordion, Musculina, the Worlds' Strongest Woman, and delightful entertainment! 

N and W discover that cooperation makes life easier, and they serve as an example to children of the amazing things possible when they find the joy in working hard and the beauty of cooperation.

The duo show is also 45 minutes long and is great for schools, family nights, libraries, corporate parties, private parties, seasonal celebrations and special events!

Both the solo and duo shows are great for both children and families. The solo show is geared towards toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, and families, and the duo show is aimed at school age children as well as youth and adults. They tailor each show to the specific age group, and if there is a wide range of ages in the audiences, there is something for everyone!

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