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America’s funniest family clown trio!  Veteran Circus Performer Mr. ML, patriarch and Professor of Hilarity with more than two decades of experience entertaining millions around the globe, has trained his beautiful daughters Genevieve (Looney) and Grace (Dot) in the ancient art of goofiness.  Their unique style of Classic Clown Comedy is brought to life in their hysterical show…

“Suitcase Circus!”

A cacophony of awesome circus skills, amazing (?) magic, stupefying feats of balance, slaps, falls, illusions, audience members and more!  Their suitcases are always ready to travel to the next show and unpack a great time that will leave your guests rolling in the isles!

ML's  solo  Circus show    A big hit a birthdays, corporate events and picnics.

STILT Characters


ML has many characters on or off stilts for highly interactive strolling events. Ask if you do not see the one you need!


  • Juggling

    • Small  Children :)

    • FIRE!!!

  • Balancing Incredibly  

    Large Objects

  • Combining plates with the power of Centrifugal Force (Plate Spinning) 

  • Slapstick Comedy

  • Circus Skills Coach

  • 4th wall demolishing

  • Traditional Circus Clowning

  • Vocal Comic Improv

  • Directing


  • Circus Camp Coordinator

  • Character Acting

  • Storytelling

  • Fire Eating

  • Stilt Walking

  • Incredible Endless Supply of Positive Energy!

  • Llama Milking

  • Diaper Changing

  • Pantomime

  • Hat Juggling

  • Fire Juggling 

  • Motivational Speaking 

  • Mentoring

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