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 LP  Entertainer for kids and adults   with many circus skills.

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SKILLS: Highly skilled unicyclist, juggler, clown, mime, magician, balloonatic, and now a Bubbleologist!


Strolling Holiday Themes (jester/elf, patriotic, Mardi Gras, lady); environmental theme, customized and many more


Stage shows can be customized to fit most any theme or event!  (weather permitting)


Circus Show (45 min.); A fast-paced one-woman circus show .


*  While on  a six foot unicycle she juggles & spins a plate in her mouth.

*  While on one wheel she performs a dance routine.

*  Lots of audience participation for a breath taking performance


Country Cowgirl Show (45 min.) 


* is one UNI-que act. Not only does she ride a variety of one-wheeled farm animals, she also balances on her giraffe unicycle, while juggling her favorite veggies and spinning a plate with a carrot in her mouth.

*Her physical comedy makes this one utterly ridiculous rib-tickling act.

Birthday Party Circus Show (1 hr.).


*Lady L will keep your kids entertained with her zany comedy routines, whether plate spinning, performing magic, juggling or just clowning around.

*30 minute show followed by hands on with circus skills, games and or balloon sculptures.  And More!

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