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"​Balloons, balloons, balloons, when I grow up I want to be a balloon" , says BD.

His favorite characters are :

1. Butterbean   A Clown with no make up but a clown costume.

         Butterbean can make fabulous balloons and also do a balloon magic show.

2. Bobby D       A  Balloonologist who does not wear make up or clown costume. 

3. Santa Bobby   A jolly entertaining Santa that  makes kids believe despte his faux beard.

Clowning for 30 years, BD was trained by Ringling Clowns

​-​the famous Lou Jacobs, Leon Mc Bride, Mark Anthony, to name a few.


BD is a Master Balloon Artist who does a Balloon Magic called Balloonarama.

​It is high energy comedy balloon Magic including ​the Balloonamatic Machine, turning a child into a super hero and having a​ boy and girl do the Karate balloon.


Want to impress y​our guests? You need BD to entertain at your party.

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