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AH and RH

Magical Princess and Pirate playing Mandolin

Meet our Princess and Pirate Team


They are the perfect combination of fun and fantasy for your child’s birthday party. Princess AH appears as a real-live princess in a beautiful ball gown and sparkling crown. The fun begins as she places a tiara of her own on the birthday child’s head and passes out empty goody bags soon to be filled with candy and prize.


Princess AH and Pirate RH with his Mandolin use song, stories, hand puppets, movement and magic to illustrate the virtues of sharing, imagination and kindness. As the show goes on, Princess AH teaches Pirate RH valuable lessons in manners and friendshipChildren participate in singing, dancing and playing hand-instruments.


Can a beautiful Princess teach a rascally Pirate the virtues of sharing, manners, and fun?

Princess AH is stranded on a desert island by the scurvy crew of Pirate RH. She comes upon him burying her treasure, which she was bringing to entertain children. Princess informs the Pirate that his crew has sailed off without him, leaving him stranded with her. What will they do?

Princess AH has sent a carrier pigeon to alert a rescue. In the meantime, she notices what Pirate RH, in his panic, hasn’t – your children!

Pirate RH immediately wants to recruit the kids as his new pirate crew, but Princess AH wants to share all the fun and excitement she was bringing in her treasure chest.


Shows are 45 minutes and include a small prize for each child. Princess AH and Pirate RH are happy to work with you to incorporate class themes or learning objectives.




Glamour Makeup Parties


AH is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. She has experience in film, video, print,portraiture and live events. Her work has appeared in national magazines such as Women and Success and First for Women. Her clients include actors, models, politicians, print and television journalist, top executives and more!


Her Glamour parties last 2 hours for up to 10 guest. The younger set play at sophistication and glamour, while teens learn the colors and techniques for their best look.

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