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  • Clown Magic

  • Face-painting

  • Balloon sculptures 

  • Circus skits

  • Children's games


Bunky was named the "Clown of the Year, 2009" by Clowns of America Internationial (the largest clown organization in the world of clowning). He also recently won the COAI Lifetime Achievement Award.


Besides doing balloons and walk around, Bunky's Family-Fun Comedy Magic Show is top notch. He does his show in or out of clown costume, depending on your requirements, either as Bunky or Mr. Bob. This is definitely not his first rodeo, as Bunky has been around and knows what makes a good show!  He and his wife Blondi, have worked with the Cole Brothers Circus and have been on TV shows.


Blondi is a delightful clown who enjoys making creative balloons and does some face painting. Over 30 years in the making, Bunky and Blondi hope they can work for you!

BLONDI is also a sweet storytelling MRS. CLAUS.

The Not so secret lives of Bob & Teresa


+ Started clowning in the late 1970’s.  Bob studied at the Circus Hall of Fame, Sarasota, FL.1977 + Starred in and produced their own one-hour weekly cable television show, “Clowning Around with Bunky” from 1982-1988.

+ Teresa serves as Secretary to Clowns of America International (COAI).  

+ Both lecture at COAI and regional conventions as well as workshops and seminars.  

+ Served on the staff of Clown Camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and Medicine Hat, Canada.  

+ Bob is Past President for the SouthEast Clown Association, State Director for the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association, and State Ambassador for Clowns of America International, the Board for Clown College in Lake Placid, FL. and on the board of Directors for Red Nose Response.   

+ The Mid Atlantic Clown Association honored Bob with the 2006 Clownitarian Award.

+ Appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the Comedy Central Channel and the National Geographic Channel.  

+ Together produced half time shows for the Washington Redskin’s football organization.

+ Performed at the White House, Capitol Bldg, and the Kennedy Center,countless parties, picnics, school and stage shows, and festivals. 

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